Dr. Miller, D.O., FACOG, NOW seeing patients at the Meade Rural Health Clinic!

Artesian Valley Health System in Meade, Kansas is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Patricia Miller, D.O., FACOG. A Board-Certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Surgeon, and Fertility Specialist.

Dr. Miller received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Des Moines University in Des Moines, Iowa. She will be providing care to all women including; well-woman exams, hormone therapy, treatment of abnormal periods, menopause, urinary incontinence, abnormal PAP’s, birth control (including IUD placements and tubal ligations), evaluations of pelvic/ovarian cysts/masses and more.

Miller has over twenty years of patient care experience. She has practiced in Southwest Kansas for four of those years. “I have a special place in my heart for women’s healthcare here. This area of the state is sorely underrepresented in healthcare. The gratefulness of my patients towards having the option for care is overwhelming. Additionally, I cherish connecting with so many women who have journeyed here through immigration or refuge from all over the world. Their stories are many and so inspirational. I love that I can continue to support the women of Southwest Kansas through Artesian Valley Health System.”

Dr. Miller was raised in Kansas, where she has many memories of big family gatherings, amazing southern creole, God, church, guitar playing, and personal connections.

“At the age of fourteen, my parents sent me on a missionary trip to Guatemala and I fell in love, heart, and soul, with medicine. From then on, I knew I would be involved in medicine in some form. The missionary aspect of providing a needed service to groups of people in need of care without adequate resources gave me the personal desire and interest in medicine. So much of who I am is centered on the mustard seed planted on that medical mission in Guatemala so many years ago. I am a missionary at heart, in everything I do.”

Miller enjoys singing, playing the piano, reading, hiking, and oil painting on her free time. “I’ve never taken an art or painting course before, I just started painting. The human brain is amazing! I wonder how much potential we each hold that we haven’t even tapped into.”

Dr. Miller is a proud mother of her one child. “I have seen my young adult son grow and mature as a thoughtful, selfless, and philanthropic human being. He has become an adult who will focus more on the good needed for those around him, than his own personal desires. What more could I ask for in a son?”

Dr. Miller is looking forward to working as part of a locally owned, nonprofit, and integrated healthcare system like Artesian Valley Health System. “I believe that God uses medicine as part of his plan every day. I look forward to providing care to the women of Southwest Kansas through Artesian Valley Health System and providing as many examples and opportunities as possible to demonstrate the power of acknowledging the benefits of promoting faith, science, and medicine together.”

Artesian Valley Health System is thrilled to have Dr. Miller as part of the team. She is now seeing patients at Meade Rural Health Clinic in Meade, Kansas. To schedule an appointment, call the Meade Rural Health Clinic at (620) 873-2112.

To learn more about Artesian Valley Health System, visit our website at www.avhealthsystem.com.

Artesian Valley Health System is a local nonprofit organization in Meade, KS, and serves the healthcare needs of the surrounding communities through Meade District Hospital, Meade, Montezuma, and Plains Rural Health Clinics, and Lone Tree Retirement Center.

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