Artesian Valley Health System Welcomes Dr. John Powers

Artesian Valley Health System (AVHS) is pleased to welcome John P. Powers, DPM, FACFAS, FAENS to our team of full-time providers.

Dr. Powers is a Board-Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon with a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. He has been practicing for eighteen years and has obtained the status of Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (FACFAS) and Fellow of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons (FAENS).

Dr. Powers grew up in rural America and after living in Tucson, Arizona for the past eighteen years, he’s looking forward to getting back to a rural community. “Meade is a lot like the towns my wife, Cheryl, and I grew up in. I grew up in a small town in Ohio, and I just really enjoyed living out in the country and as a kid I was involved in 4-H. Tucson has over a million people and it’s really hot. We’ve been there for eighteen years and now that our kids are grown up, we wanted to head back east towards family. Our son is going into the Navy soon and our daughter is finishing her degree in Art. I’ve heard that people are really friendly here and it’s a laid-back community, no hustle and bustle like the city, so we’re excited to move here.”

As a freshman in high school John earned his Eagle Scout and as soon as he was old enough, he enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard. During his enlistment he served in the US, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Honduras. John shares, “After being assigned as a combat medic in my military police unit during the Gulf War, I developed a strong interest in medicine. The complexity of the foot and ankle led me to train in this field. I enjoy the challenge podiatry presents – what works for one patient, may not work for others. It’s very rewarding to find the right treatment for each individual patient and bring relief from pain a patient may have been experiencing for years.”

Dr. Powers treats all ages of patients with any problems they are experiencing below the knee. He sees all foot and ankle problems, injuries or traumas caused by diabetes, medications, infections, diseases, vascular or nerve problems, pediatric and adult sports injuries, as well as chronic foot pain or problems that develop with age.

“I have a special interest in nerve repair and reconstructions, pediatric and adult sports injuries, reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and diabetic foot care and education. When it comes to my practice, I treat all of my patients like they are a member of my family. I spend as much time with them as needed to listen and explain conditions and treatment options in ways they can understand and ensure all questions are answered. Education is crucial as I believe outcomes are better when the patient truly understands their problem and treatment plan and can commit to being an integral part of the team to get healthy.”

“It’s best for people to see me as soon as they have any concern whatsoever about their feet or ankles, when they’re starting to have pain or some type of deformity is beginning. The sooner we treat it, the easier it is to treat and the sooner the patient can feel better.” And if he could tell people one thing to help them with their health it would be “check your feet daily, as soon as you have any concerns get them checked out.”

Dr. Powers has done a lot of work in treating neuropathy through medical and surgical treatments which includes nerve decompression surgery. He has a passion for improving the quality of life for his patients and has seen how treatments are life changing for them.

“There’s normally a 23% annual recurrence risk of neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers, however when nerve decompression surgery is used as part of their treatment then the annual ulcer recurrence risk is significantly lowered to only 4%. These percentages were published by the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association and it’s even more impressive when I get to see the improvement personally in a patient’s life.”

“There’s another study the journal published showing that patients with compressed lower-extremity nerves experienced an improvement with sensation, balance and a decrease in pain after nerve decompression surgery. I’ve seen these improvements in patients and its life changing for them. When I can help improve a patient’s quality of life, that’s what matters most to me.”

Dr. Powers is looking forward to working as part of a locally owned, nonprofit and integrated health system like Artesian Valley Health System. “Working as part of an integrated health system is also a huge benefit to our patients. Having podiatry, primary care, physical therapy, wound care, radiology, lab, nursing, and pain management all working together really contributes to the best health of the patient. I’m also really impressed with the facilities and operating room here in Meade. They’re very nice and a zero-infection rate for medical and surgical admissions is just outstanding, it speaks volumes for the quality of care patients receive here.”

AVHS is thrilled to have Dr. Powers as part of the team. He will tentatively begin seeing patients September 1st as AVHS finalizes all insurance credentialing. Dr. Powers will see patients at the Meade and Plains Rural Health Clinics, Meade District Hospital as well as making visits to Lone Tree Retirement Center. To schedule an appointment with him, please call the Meade Clinic at (620) 873-2112 or Plains Clinic at (620) 563-9313.


Artesian Valley Health System is a local nonprofit organization in Meade, KS and serves the health care needs of the surrounding communities through Meade District Hospital, Meade and Plains Rural Health Clinics, and Lone Tree Retirement Center.

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