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  • Welcome Dr. France Mosley!

    Welcome Dr. France Mosley!

    Artesian Valley Health System is thrilled to welcome Francine R. Mosley, MD, MAEd, as our newest fulltime provider. Dr. France, as she likes to go by, is excited to join our team and provide family care, with a focus on pediatrics.

    Dr. France and her husband, Bill, both grew up in London, Kentucky, and resided there until recently making the move to Meade. She’s taking in the new geography of Kansas and is loving all things Meade, including Bob’s Drive-In. When it comes to her career, Dr. France deeply values truly getting to know and connect one-on-one with her patients, and that’s what brought her to rural Kansas.

    “I love being a doctor, and to be able to do this in a place where we’re not strangers is important to me. I get to be part of the community. It’s important for me to be here in Meade because it’s a small community where I can get to know my patients, and we can be a part of each other’s lives. I’m also a doctor young people can talk to as they begin learning how to take care of their own health,” said Dr. France.

    Meade and Kansas might be new territory for Dr. France, but serving others and caring for patients is something she’s very familiar with. From a young age, she knew she wanted to pursue medicine. When she was a child, her grandfather, affectionately known as “Papaw,” cut his hand and needed some bandaging. She took the initiative to wrap up her Papaw’s hand, and the rest is history. Francine started college as a pre-med student, but life’s unexpected twists and turns led Mosley to first earn her teaching certificate. She spent ten years teaching high school science and adult education, but the medical field was still calling her name. Once her youngest of three children was starting first grade, she was starting her first year of medical school at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. France’s professional milestones also include a master’s degree in education and 13 years of experience in primary and urgent care.

    Her professional career is impressive and extensive, and being a doctor makes her extremely proud, especially when it comes to working with both patients and community members.

    “It’s important for me to collaborate with community groups to help solve problems, like with law enforcement, pharmacists, schools. When we work together we can help more people and each other,” she said.

    And although Artesian Valley Health System caught the attention of Dr. France because of its small, intimate feel, she was just as impressed with its onsite lab and range of service offerings. She’s excited to speak with patients about medications and treatments the same day they come in to see her for an appointment.

    “I don’t want people to feel like they come to the doctor’s office because they are weak,” said Dr. France. “I want people to feel empowered and to feel their strongest and healthiest. I want to be in a partnership with patients and help them be as healthy as they can be.”

    Dr. France is now seeing patients at our Meade and Plains Rural Health Clinics.

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