Dr. Feldmeyer Receives the 2017 Summit Award for Customer Focused Provider

The Summit Award is the highest award of HealthCare Service Excellence presented by Custom Learning Systems. (www.customlearning.com) It is awarded to qualified, innovative, and progressive individuals, teams, and healthcare facilities who have made outstanding progress towards improving the patient experience and staff engagement. Individuals, teams, or organizations must be nominated to be eligible for a Summit Award.

In 2017, there were over 265 nominations from 20 different healthcare organizations spanning 10 states. From the nominations, 54 were chosen as Pinnacle Achievers and 15 of those 54 were presented the Summit Award.

The 2017 Summit Awards are presented by Custom Learning Systems during the annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. The HealthCare Service Excellence Conference is dedicated to delivering evidence-based solutions to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities across North America improve the overall patient experience.

Artesian Valley Health System was pleased to receive 2 Pinnacle Awards and 1 Summit Award:

2017 Pinnacle Award Recipients:
Dr. Seeley Feldmeyer – Customer Focused Physician/Provider
Kelly Thornton  Super Coach

2017 Summit Award Recipient:
Dr. Seeley Feldmeyer – Customer Focused Physician/Provider

We are so proud of Dr. Feldmeyer and Kelly Thornton for this amazing accomplishment! Here is a brief excerpt from their nominations:

“Kelly has been found to be dependable, efficient and unfailingly punctual. She will assist anyone in a moment’s notice. She drops whatever she has on her agenda, and makes time for you. She is flexible, mindful of others, and very passionate about what she does. Kelly follows the standards of ethics and integrity in any task given to her.”

“Dr. Feldmeyer has been a provider for AVHS for 37 years; at times, the only provider for Meade County. Dr. Feldmeyer has been nominated for the customer focused provider award because of his dedication and commitment to his patients. He has delivered babies, taken care of the ill and saved many lives. We have a saying used frequently around this system, this is where miracles happen. Dr. Feldmeyer listens and believes in his patients, through and through. He will assess every concern and question a patient may have. Dr. Feldmeyer will not stop working with a patient until they feel that the corrections they need have happened. Again, noting his dedication, he follows through on each encounter. He leads his team in a calming approach. Many of us agree we have never worked with someone so devoted to his patients, team and making the miracles happen.”

On Wednesday, January 31, 2018, Steve Stewart, CEO, accepted the Summit Award on behalf of Dr. Feldmeyer at the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference in San Antonio, TX. The following week, Artesian Valley Health System held an employee celebration and Steve presented the award to Dr. Feldmeyer. Dr. Feldmeyer was appreciative to receive the award and shared, “It’s all about patient driven care. Congratulations to all of us because we do this as a team.”

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