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  • Artesian Valley Health System Welcomes Dr. Christine Donnelly

    Artesian Valley Health System Welcomes Dr. Christine Donnelly

    Artesian Valley Health System welcomes Christine Donnelly, MD, FAAFP to our team of full-time providers and to serve as Medical Director.

    Dr. Donnelly obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree from Pennsylvania State University and is board certified in Family Practice. She has also been selected by the American Academy of Family Physicians as a Fellow (FAAFP). The AAFP states that the Fellow designation is to recognize those “who have distinguished themselves among their colleagues, as well as in their communities, by their service to family medicine, by their advancement of health care to the American people, and by their professional development through medical education and research.”

    Dr. Donnelly has worked as a doctor in both rural and urban settings. In her early years as a physician she worked in a rural Wyoming family practice. For the past sixteen years she has worked in a large facility in Tucson, AZ with over 100 doctors on staff. While in Tucson she provided primary care, intensive care, emergency services, and gynecology (GYN) services. She was also their Chief Medical Officer, serving in that role for over the last four years.

    Christine knew she wanted to be in medicine since she was a little girl. “When I was about four or five, I wanted to be a nurse. Then, around age six or seven, I found out that women could be doctors and immediately changed my mind to be a doctor.”

    “There were multiple things that attracted me to AVHS, there are great people I’ll be working with and the facility is very nice, it’s nicer than any of the hospitals in Tucson. It was also surprising that the health system is locally owned, it’s not operated or owned by a large corporation which is very hard to find these days. Overall, I feel like this is just a fantastic opportunity for me to provide good care for good people. I’m excited to bring my years of experience here and provide high quality and full spectrum care.” Dr. Donnelly shared.

    Personally, Christine enjoys traveling and is a proud mom to three children. “In my personal life, I’m most proud of my kids. My daughter just graduated college and hopes to become a doctor; my oldest son is a senior in college and is studying engineering; and my youngest son is a freshman at Meade High School, he loves technology and is great with computers. I also enjoy traveling and try to go on a mission trip once a year. I have a friend who runs an orphanage in Kenya and each year I try to spend a few weeks there.”

    At AVHS, Dr. Donnelly will be providing primary care, emergency and inpatient care, gynecology services and serving as Medical Director. “I say that I serve diapers to diapers, because I provide care for all ages. What I love most about my job are the patients, I love making a difference in people’s lives. I believe in the importance of patient education, like for treating and preventing diabetes. I also believe in the importance of good communication between the physician and patient.”

    AVHS is excited to have Dr. Donnelly as part of our team. She is currently seeing patients at Meade Rural Health Clinic and Meade District Hospital. To schedule an appointment with her, please call the Meade Clinic at (620) 873-2112.

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  • Posted by Justin Hafner on March 19, 2019, 4:02 am

    Dr. Donnelly is awesome and you have a real winner and asset to the community! -Justin Hafner

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  • Posted by Peter and Maggie Henderson on May 22, 2019, 5:14 pm


    Dr. D, you are sorely missed here in Tucson, but we are very happy for you, and wish you the very best always. You deserve the best … for the best!

    Blessings, health, safety and happiness,

    Peter and Maggie

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  • Posted by Henry Yerger on June 19, 2019, 5:01 pm

    Dr D you are sorely missed and have always been very helpful. The practice now is more HMO like and lacks your caring feeling. We hope you have a very good experience in your new practice and will always consider you our doctor.


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  • Posted by Cheryl Hays on June 29, 2019, 8:33 pm

    Dr Donnelly I miss you here in Tucson. I miss being your patient.

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  • Posted by Cyndi Garrison on November 13, 2019, 11:18 pm

    Dr Donnelly, Dwight and I miss you!

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