selective focus of patient lying on ct scanner bed during tomography test


  • Radiology

    Radiology Services:

    • X-Ray
    • CT
    • Mobile MRI
    • DEXA
    • Digital Radiography
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Mammography
    • Ultrasound including Vascular and Echocardiography

    Call Meade District Hospital at (620) 873-2141 and ask for the Radiology Department for information about our radiology services.

  • X-Ray

    In 2015, MDH installed a new OTC12 Digital Radiographic System in the Radiology Department.

    Patients will benefit from faster exam times and a comfortable, safe experience during their x-ray procedures. The advanced digital detector technology provides high resolution images while reducing the amount of radiation per exposure by more than half from older technology.
    Hospital X-Ray Technologists also have the flexibility to utilize the digital detector in other areas of the hospital where digital technology isn’t yet available such as the emergency room, OR, or patient rooms. In these cases, a portable x-ray machine is utilized with the digital receptor for patients unable to come to the Radiology Department.
  • CT Scans

    If you need more information than an x-ray can provide, we have a 16-slice Toshiba CT scanner available 7 days a week.

    A computerized tomography (CT) scan combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images, or slices, of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside your body.

  • NEW 3D Mammography

    Benefits of our 3D mammography include:

    • Most accurate breast cancer screening available.
    • Detects more cancers at earlier stages than standard 2D.
    • Reduces the need for additional testing or recalls.

    We strive to make mammograms as comfortable as possible!

  • Mobile MRI

    You no longer need to travel if your physician orders an MRI. Every Wednesday we are able to provide MRI services via a traveling service. This is a great option for diagnosing internal issues without the risks of radiation. With a physician order, you can schedule your MRI appointment by calling 620-873-2141.

  • Nuclear Medicine

    In 2016, MDH purchased a new GE Millennium camera capable of doing heart studies, thyroid scans, bone scans, and hida (gall bladder) scans. This technology compliments our other diagnostic tests. Where an MRI or a CT scan shows us what an organ looks like, nuclear medicine is able to show us how that organ is actually functioning. This can be incredibly important when diagnosing some types of heart problems.

  • Ultrasound

    Our Phillips ultrasound machine is available 4 days a week Mon-Wed and Fri, and is capable of Echocardiograms, vascular ultrasounds, upper abdominal ultrasound, testicular ultrasound, renal ultrasound and bladder ultrasounds.

    The sonogram/ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to make images of the internal structures and organs.

  • Bone Density Testing

    With our GE Lunar machine, we are able to offer DEXA scans to screen for osteoporosis and predict your risk of bone fractures. This can also be referred to as an osteogram, bone density test, and bone densiometry. It is not to be confused with nuclear bone scans which we also offer.

    DEXA scans are available Monday-Friday.