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Physical Therapy

Our mission at Meade District Hospital Physical Therapy is to get our patients back to doing what they want to be doing. Our philosophy embraces both empowering and educating our patients when their lives have been disrupted by the aging process, injury, or a disability. We offer therapy for a wide range of services. We focus to serve our patients by addressing their physical, emotional, and functional abilities and needs to improve their quality of life and to meet their goals. You will find the help you need at Meade District Hospital Physical Therapy!

Scheduling an Appointment
Please call 620-873-7572.

Your First Visit
After checking in, your first visit will last approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. It will consist of an evaluation and development of a treatment plan to improve your musculoskeletal or neurological condition. We recommend comfortable clothing and footwear as therapy sessions involve exercise, stretching and strengthening. Shorts are preferable for knee problems.
Please print and complete this form to bring on your first visit:
Physical Therapy First Visit Form