Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab is a personalized treatment program that helps heart patients live longer and healthier lives. The program helps individuals recover from a cardiac event and prevent a second one as well as help manage peripheral artery disease (PAD).

  • Benefits

    According to the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) the benefits of a Cardiac Rehab program can include:

    • Live longer and lessen your chances of another cardiac event.
    • Control heart disease symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath.
    • Stop or reverse damage to the blood vessels in your heart.
    • Lessen the physical and emotional effects of heart disease.
    • Improve your stamina and strength, getting you back to your usual activities, including work, hobbies and regular excercise.
    • Improve your confidence and wellbeing.

    Recent scientific studies have shown that people who complete a cardiac rehabilitation program can increase their life expectancy by up to five years.

  • Who Can Participate

    Anyone with a doctor’s referral and has had a cardiac event such as:

    • Congestive Heart Failure
    • Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
    • Heart Cath/Angioplasty
    • Stent Placement
    • Heart Transplant
    • Open Heart Surgery (Coronary Bypass or Valve Surgery)
    • Stable Angina
    • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) If you experience leg pain when excercising, see your primary care provider to check for possible PAD.
  • Meeting Your Needs

    Our Cardiac Rehab program is designed to meet your specific needs through:

    • Risk Factor Assessments
    • Personalized Excercise Program that progresses from a structured, monitored program to a more independent, less monitored home program
    • Diet Instruction
    • Education focused on lifestyle changes and disease management
    • Emotional Support
    • Assistance and training to monitor blood pressure, lipids/cholesterol and diabetes
    • Facilitate communication with your doctors about your progress
  • Meeting Your Goals

    Your personalized program will help you meet your goals including:

    • Increase functional capacity (the ability to carry out activities)
    • Reduce risk factors
    • Improve the quality of life
    • Return to work
    • Improve outlook and emotional stability
    • Increase knowledge about the disease
    • Increase self-management
  • Getting Started

    Starla Kernell, RN and Cardiac Rehab Director would be happy to visit with you about the program! Call Starla at 620-873-2141.