Dear Community Members,

In light of the news of COVID-19, and the effect it is having globally and here in our country, I want to inform all of our people that AVHS is doing everything in our power to encourage public health and public safety by providing screenings and professional and spiritual care for our residents, patients and their families. We have structured both clinics’ hours to fit the needs of the community. I know it is a scary time for all of us due to the unknown nature of the disease process and the mixed messages presented to the public. However, please find comfort in the fact that AVHS is taking all precautions in collaboration with our health department to screen, raise awareness, and follow up with testing, if necessary. 

If you are experiencing symptoms unrelated to COVID-19, please do not let any of your symptoms worsen or be afraid to schedule youR appointment due to fear of contracting COVID-19. While this is a valid concern, we are taking temperatures of our staff to ensure they are healthy and prepared to provide patients with compassion and care during these trying times. I would like to stress that AVHS has been infection free for the past +2 years. Please continue to trust us with your care. Lastly, if anyone has any questions, please call the hospital at (620) 873 2141 and schedule some time to see me. I am here to support you.


Tara Ramlochan, MSN, RN, NE-ABC