AVHS Offers First Annual Scholarship for Students Pursuing Healthcare

Meade, KS – Artesian Valley Health System (AVHS) in Meade, Kansas, is excited to offer its first annual Artesian Valley Health System Scholarship. The AVHS Scholarship is available to all graduating seniors in Meade, Fowler, Southwestern Heights, and South Gray High Schools seeking a career in healthcare. AVHS has many generations of family members who make up our healthcare team. We are pleased to assist our community’s upcoming generation in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry and continuing the legacy of the generational healthcare influence of AVHS.

“The sooner an individual is introduced to healthcare-related fields of work, the more likely they will continue their careers in healthcare. The youth truly are our future; future physical therapists, nurses, respiratory therapists, lab technicians, doctors, and radiologists. What better way to support our local youth in their healthcare endeavors, than by awarding scholarships to help offset some of the financial burdens of college.” – CNO, Grachelle Kuhns, BSN, RN.

To raise money for the scholarship fund, AVHS created a not-for-profit fundraising event. The event consists of a silent auction that will take place on Saturday, April 9, at the Meade County Health Fair, sponsored by AVHS. The health fair will occur at the Meade Grade School in Meade, Kansas, from 8 am to 12 pm. To make our silent auction a reality, we have reached out to businesses to consider supporting our auction by donating merchandise or service their company provides. As a result, we have received items from The Kansas City Zoo, Wichita Thunder Hockey Team, United Wireless Arena, National Beef, Coffee Connection, Dodge City Roundup, Liquor Ranch, Jen Godfrey Photography, and many more. In addition, a couple of companies have sent cash donations to the scholarship fund.

We have contacted the high school counselors and sent them information and the application for the scholarship. Applicants may contact their school counselor for an application or visit our webpage at www.avhealthsystem.com. The Artesian Valley Health System scholarship deadline is Friday, April 29. The applicants may mail their application to Meade District Hospital, P.O. Box 820, Meade, KS 67864, or can deliver it in person to the hospital. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. The scholarship committee will review all applications and notify the applicants receiving the scholarship.

“I am excited that AVHS is providing a scholarship for high school seniors pursuing a degree in health care. Being a member of the healthcare community is rewarding, regardless of the occupation chosen. With this scholarship, we can assist our local students with funds in helping them achieve their dream while also contributing to the entire healthcare community we represent.” – AVHS Education Director Dawn Unruh, MSN, RN.

For more information about the Artesian Valley Health System scholarship, please contact Crystal Torres, AVHS Marketing Director, at (620) 873-2141 or at ctorres@avhealthsystem.com.

Artesian Valley Health System is a local non-profit organization in Meade, Kansas, and serves the healthcare needs of the surrounding communities through Meade District Hospital, Meade, Montezuma, Plains Rural Health Clinics, and Lone Tree Retirement Center.

To learn more about Artesian Valley Health System (AVHS), visit our website at www.avhealthsystem.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Media Contact:

Crystal Torres, AVHS Marketing Director

(620) 873-7640


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