On The Road Again in No Time

Efficient and effective DOT exams offered at Artesian Valley Health System

Driving a 5-ton truck for hours at a time can take a toll on your physical and mental health. And if you aren’t in top condition, the results can be disastrous.

Commercial motor vehicle drivers are required to take the Department of Transportation physical exam every 2 years to ensure they meet the demands necessary to practice safe and alert driving.

Artesian Valley Health System is proud to support healthy drivers by offering the DOT physical exam at the Meade & Plains Rural Health Clinics.

Things to know:

    • While appointments are not required, keep in mind they are recommended.
    • Same day appointments are usually available.
    • $150, usually paid by employer
    • Total exam time is about 30-45 minutes
    • Spanish translation available

What to bring:

    •  All drivers – List of all current medications
    • Vision or hearing impaired – glasses, contacts, or hearing aids
    • Diabetes – recent lab results
    • Sleep disorders – accurate, recent data from a CPAP machine
    • Heart-related issues – letter from your cardiologist explaining your medical history
    • Brain-related issues – letter from your neurologist explaining your medical history
    • Permanent loss of use in a limb – overview from your physician explaining the injury and any related resrictions
    • Medication causing drowsiness – note and medical records from your physician
    • Coumadin (Warfarin) – blood level and clearance (INR) from your doctor

Complete with certified, expert physicians and truck parking available on Highway 54, AVHS is here to be your DOT exam provider. Just call 620.873.2112 to let Artesian Valley Health System get you back on the road today.