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Lone Tree Retirement Center

Where Residents Feel at Home

Person-centered care is the goal at Lone Tree Retirement Center. Here, every resident is made to feel at home. Whether it’s choosing to participate in any or all of our activities designed to keep residents mentally and physically active, or simply living on their own schedule, every effort is made to help residents feel like they are gaining independence and opportunities at Lone Tree.

Potential residents should know that Lone Tree works with each patient to determine the care that’s right for them. They are given as much freedom as deemed safe for their health (including outings and field trips) and are even at liberty to schedule their own wake-up times and bathing times. While the goal is to make residents feel as comfortable as they would be at home, Lone Tree offers the added benefit of in-house optometry, audiology and beautician services. Residents and their families can rest easier knowing they will be cared for like family in a facility that feels like home.